Welcome to Parramatta Toastmasters Blog

The correlation between how we write and how we verbally communicate becomes a reflection of our ability to internalize the information so that we can deliver in the most appropriate manner. Hence writing becomes a key component to developing the skills for better communication. Parramatta Toastmasters has taken the initiative to leap forward into the electronic social media. I would encourage our members to continue their ongoing learning by making use of this medium and to explore new and wonderful opportunities to communicate and connect with each other.

The wealth and resources available to our members can now be expanded in addition to the quality of our website and meetings.

Our Social Media officer and VPE are available to assist you in making use of this medium and with your role guidelines.

Please look through the assignment guidelines and social media policies on the club website and get active, be involved and enjoy the social media experience.

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2 Responses to Welcome to Parramatta Toastmasters Blog

  1. Mrinal Sarkar says:

    This is great stuff Nirish , hey how can I contribute .CheersMrinal


  2. Parramatta Toastmasters Club says:

    Hi Mrinal, you are more than welcome to submit your blog. 🙂


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