Parramatta Toastmasters Club’s Social Media Journey

Social media is about conversations and empowering people through those conversations. So is Toastmasters. So we here at Parramatta Toastmasters are taking on a new journey into the world of social media to make the Toastmasters experience even better for the members.

Parramatta Toastmasters Club is one of the oldest and most prestigious Toastmasters clubs in Australia. Its membership is coveted with highly skilled and experienced Toastmasters. However, things change and so does the Club. As the Club’s membership grows with new members from varied backgrounds and demographics joining the club, the task of helping the new members remain committed to their Toastmasters duties becomes more challenging. Furthermore, the Club should be well prepared for any drastic changes in membership levels that might happen in the future, including departure of experienced and active members which can leave a void if new members are not trained to take up those roles. 

Our goal is to increase online member engagement and open up more channels of communication between club and members. Some objectives of our social media strategy are:

  • To communicate important information to you and keep you informed 
  • To enable you to communicate with each other and give / receive help and support even outside of the club meetings
  • To increase awareness of the Parramatta Toastmasters brand
  • To ensure Parramatta Toastmasters can maintain a constant intake of new members
  • To receive valuable feedback from you to improve the club
Communication is the key theme here. Until now, we have been communicating within the four walls of our meeting room. Now it is time to extend that reach and go beyond those four walls. 

There are literally hundreds of social media tools available. However, we have filtered them down to an intial list of tools we can use to take our first steps:
  • Facebook

With its immense and ever-growing user base, Facebook is the prominent tool in the social media strategy of any organisation. Facebook offers online interaction between the club and its members and also lets the club post quick updates on the news feed of the member’s Facebook page.

  • Twitter

The short updates posted on Facebook can be duplicated on Twitter for convenience and the engagement net can be widened without much additional effort.

  • Blogs

Blogs encourage members to write timely, informative and relevant blogs about their personal experience on public speaking. It is a great way to engage the members, enhance the online presence of the Club and provide value to members. Blogs also help improve the standing and reputation of the club among other clubs and the wider community.

  • Flickr

Pictures of Toastmasters events can be published on Flickr. This will help us increase the audience size for the pictures and give the club more exposure than the image gallery on the website can.

  • Slideshare

Slides are a great way for Toastmasters to share their knowledge with less experienced members and non-members using slides.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn lets the club create a professional group which can be a platform for online discussions related to public speaking.

  • Google+


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