Members Update Area 13 International Speech & Evaluation Contests Results 2012

On Saturday 10th March our Area 13 held their International Speech and Evaluation Contests. This particular afternoon will sit in my memory as one of my favourites, there were five of our Parramatta people competing in these contests, Alica Denis-representing Parramatta, Sam Ekinci-Winners Circle, Ron Marriott-Western Gourmet in the Evaluation Contest, and Sam Ekinci-representing Parramatta, and Wendy Nielsen-Western Gourmet in the International Speech Contest. The quality of contestants in both competitions was the highest standard that I have seen at any of the competitions that I have attended. Each of our Parramatta people did their best speech or evaluation I had seen them do, they really did give it their best effort and I was a very very proud Parramatta groupie.  If you weren't there I really wish you could have seen them for yourselves. If you were well you understand already what I am trying to convey.
So the exciting bit the I am trying to get to is……..
Winner of the Evaluation Contest…….your President Sam Ekinci for Winners Circle
2nd Placed Winner……..your Parramatta contestant Alicia Denis
Winner of the International Speech Contest………your President Sam Ekinci for Parramatta Toastmasters
2nd Placed Winner……….Shom Yadav for Winners Circle
These events do not just pop together magically, there is a whole bunch of time and effort put into each of these events and it is my pleasure to let the rabbit out of the hat and ensure that the many Parramatta people behind the scenes are acknowledged because this was the other big reason I felt so very very proud, I for one have noticed that there is always a noticable quantity of Parramatta people doing the many jobs required to organise and run these events, many of them had their other club membership hats on, Western Gourmet was the host club for this event, however whatever club you were representing on the day you all did a great job ensuring the day ran smoothly within its timeframe and was a top quality contest.
So rabbit out of the hat – time to name the names:
Gary and Elizabeth Wilson – registrations, raffle and financial controllers
Robyn Peck – Chief Judge, Assistant to Western Divison Governor
Ian Lipski – Contest Sargeant At Arms and seller of raffle tickets
Joan Abela – Contest Sargeant At Arms
Ian Chick – Contest Counter
John Taylor – Contest Timer
Elizabeth Wilson – Vote of Thanks
Suben Subenthiran – Official Photographer
And it doesn't stop yet, as I type this up Alica Denis is competing in the Area 45 contest, no results available at time of print. Daniel Tucker, is competing in Area 6 tomorrow night, and though not offically Parramatta, I think finace makes him an almost member and we wish him all the best for his competion, Lyndal is competing in Area 25 on Sunday 18th and David Griffiths is competing for Stagetime Cub on 20th. Brake a leg everyone……that's actor speak for good luck, just in case you were thinking I was being nasty!
OK thats my marathon speal done, see you all on Thursday.
BUT WAIT THERES MORE….txt from Alicia, competing in the Area 45 International Speech Contest  "I WON".
Yet another add on, I am attaching the flyer for the Western Division Contest. This is a not to be missed event and your Parramatta friends deserve your support. Please check your calender and make it your goal to enroll to be there.
Linda Snalam CC, CL
Vice President Education 
Parramatta Toastmasters Club 2274
"Fostering Excellence"
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