Have you ever been stumped when asked to lead table topics?

A good idea you may have already heard is to create a bank of topics /ideas or activities, be familiar with and ready to execute them when called upon.

The activity for table topics this week, was one for which we must credit David Griffith -‘A numbers game’-

I could not see what a numbers game had to do with the theme “King of the Road” but coming to think about it, being on the road is all about numbers:

The age of your car, the cost of rego, the money for toll, your speed of travel or the amount of petrol in your tank. How many more numbers can you think of on the road? One yellow car – punch buggy; an eighteen-wheeler…

That was not the game anyway.

You were given a number, and asked to speak not about the number, but about what it brought to your mind.

All 10 speakers completed this task successfully, with most going till the buzzer.

Among the numbers reflected on were:

3 – The Holy Trinity – the significance of this to Catholics, and the naming of the Caribbean island of Trinidad, for this feast, with  the Spanish Explorer Columbus and his crew, arriving there for the first time on the Feast of the Holy Trinity, some time in the 1500’s.

9 – ‘My life as a 9 year old. Carefree and happy. Running around the neighbourhood with friends.

16 – ‘sixteen days before I go on holidays. I will collect my sister drive 16 hrs to QLD and stay there for sixteen days’.

21- ‘The worst 21st birthday party ever. No stubby holders. The beer can being too cold to hold in the hand, untimately leading to stacks of wasted beer’.

But the winning number for the night was :

3.14152 – Pi

Michael described the elegant mathematical symbol and recalled the days when he could recite up to 50 of its 1000 decimal places. He gave us some of the uses of the constant, which to most of us was useless. Eg. p = circumference/radius of a circle.

On the whole, a very successful table topic session. Well done to the topic master and all the participants.


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