Juggling multiple roles

By Mark Pankhurst

Well didn’t l have fun at Thursdays meeting, stand in Sergeant-at-Arms (brillant at it), stand in dinner order taker (not bad at it), only one error (sorry Elaine). And now the Club Twit (not sure if there’s a hint there).

Doing a few roles makes you think and really take notice of what’s happening at the meetings. l know we all do take an interest and notice, but different roles put your concentration on different areas of the meeting. It’s great and l hope to do it more. Maybe some roles like Sergeant-at-Arms and others like it can be swapped around sometimes.

Elaine’s table topics l thought were very interesting and obviously well thought through. Many answers were very interesting and heart felt, but much to Gary’s dismay, as it’s the first time l have ever seen him stuck for words on a table topic.

Wasn’t Bernie’s speech great? l for one learnt so much. His use of tone and pitch, what a wide range of facial expresstions, the use of the stage area, something l for one don’t do but something l will try soon.

The speech was not only interesting but thought provoking. I hope we can keep getting such good quality visiting speakers on a regular basis to go with our own high quality members. I just see it as another way to learn. Goodluck at the contest Bernie!


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