By Christine Pizzuti, Sergeant-At-Arms

As a collective group Parramatta Toastmasters is a powerhouse of speakers. This was demonstrated in last Thursday’s meeting entitled ‘Nothing is impossible’. A meeting specifically designed to cater to humour both in preparation for the upcoming Humourous Speech Contest and as a means of demonstrating how humour can be introduced into our own presentations.

Now I would not consider myself a humorous person (others, however, may disagree) but the underlying message that I took from the meeting was that it is beneficial in arming yourself with such a powerful weapon as humour.

Not only can you use it to diplomatically call a spade a spade and still not offend but it can be used in such a manner that by saying nothing at all you in inevitably become humouros (thank you Sam for demonstrating this in your introductory ‘speech’).

Alternatively, humour can be used as Ron demonstrated with his speech of gestures that enabled him to take out Best Table Topic (not bad for winning a speaking assignment when he did not speak!).

It was also shown how humour could be used in self mockery as was evident in the debate entitled ‘Are women better speakers than men?’. During this debate a plethora of self effacing expressions were fired by both single sex based teams towards each other and obviously also towards themselves. Did I hear one speaker ask whether she had just received a ‘bitch slap?’ Or was one male being ‘fired at like he had a target on his head’?

It is this power that humour has (combined with some elements of subtlety!!) that laid the foundations for such a successful meeting.  Sort of enabling you to say things in jest and get away with it… or so to speak.

So next time you are confronted with a difficult Table Topic or when your manager hits you with some task that you would rather avoid turn to one weapon in your armature… humour. You may even get the last laugh!

Lots of love 😉

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