Parramatta Toastmasters Table Topics Contest Preparation

Good afternoon all, 

Some of you have been in touch about how to best answer tomorrow’s table topic question so I thought I’d send an email to all of you. Here are some tips to remember when preparing for the contest. 
When you are asked your question: 
  1. Pause 
  2. Organise your answer
  3. Draw from your own experience and use examples
These are methods you can choose to structure your answer:
  • P.R.E.P (Point, Reason, Example, Point). Here you begin by stating a point e.g. The greatest modern invention is the Internet. In the body of the topic, you outline reasons for this and provide examples. When you’ve reached your conclusion, you restate the point you first made. 
  • Who, What, When, Why, How  (Cover a few of these, not all)
  • Past, Present, Future (A good way to break up your answer into 3 parts)
  • Balanced Opinion (Explain the advantages and disadvantages of whatever you’ll discuss)
  • Key word (One word may strike you as you listen to the Table Topics question. You can build a theme or anecdote around this word. This is a good method to use if the question as a whole stumps you). 
Also, have a read of this, it’s a great overview:

Most of all, try to be unique in your answer and have fun!

On a side note – It’s not too late to enter the contest. If you’d like to be in it but haven’t let me know, please get in touch tonight and we’ll save you a spot. 

Kind regards,


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