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Unlike some in the past – I was on time (and well prepared for my role as blog evaluator). What an active start to meeting 1121 “Off theCuff” our night for the annual Table Topics contest! We had some wonderful lead up work in the first half – before the contest.

Our President Linda Snalam explained that our TT Contestants were the real heros tonight. She encouraged each one to push themselves in their Toastmasters journey and become club president – cause that is the best seat in the house to view such contests!

Not only does one learn the art of leadership and practise speaking, one is given guidance on other levels – such as Gary Wilson’s recommendation – wait for it …… When travelling; wear business shirts with French cuffs (the ones with the double folded cuffs) and hide your cash notes there – safely. A very practical suggestion for the more mature traveller rather than the backpacker. We also learnt that humour is a Weapon! Via the recent blog by Christine Pizzuti. I also learnt that kale in your diet reduces cholesterol by increasing the production of bile. (I believe the word excretion was used rather than the word production – this was my word / attempt to bring some PC into the arena).

But the call of the first half went to Kim Gosper in his evaluation of Jeeven’s uplift our spirit speach which was centred around a balanced diet of fruit and veges. Kim said “it’s great to see Jeeven taking his own advice with his meal tonight – not a vegetable in sight!”

Our ” string man”  Ron Marriott came out to demonstrate finite materials and double handling with a short ball of string. He  showed how messy double handling can be with his side kick wandering all over the room and creating a mini web.

I hear you ask – what else did you learn Peter?

Well – did you know that Gary Wilson our Parramatta TMC Godfather turned 75 and there was a surprise party for him on the weekend? Well there was! So we had cake!

That was halftime! Phew – what next? More cake! Then:-

Larf master Demian Coorey – a man that could make a stone budda smile! Demian told two of our western culture’s oldest jokes and still managed to get laughs! Extrodinary!

It was now Impromptu speaking time for 10 contestants – each being asked the same question “if it weren’t for Toastmasters I would –

Wow here are some things to contemplate:-
Be a mystery shopper
Be watching my brother doing nude runs at the Tour de France
Be at the pub drinking beer (my personal favourite).

But the best call in the second half came from Pam McDonald who told us what young Asian girls at private schools do with ping pong balls – they throw them at your calves as punishement for not initially catching them on the third bounce!

The things you think you know and then you go to Toastmasters and you learn more still. How could one turn this entertainment down for the pub and a beer?

See you next time,


Peter is a Divisional Director at Savills (NSW) P/L, a commercial / industrial property agent. He claims to be on the wrong side of 30 yrs. If he ever gets time, he likes golf / fishing / dog sledding / trail bike riding. His aspiration is to become a naturist (like Dave’s brother at the Tour de France).
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