Why do I keep coming back to Toastmasters?

There are some weeks when I just want to stay home and chill. I am tired and jaded, it is not worth it. I have an assignment to prepare and I am retired, which means I am busy, with no time for all of this. It would be easier to give up and retire gracefully.

I prepare and head off to the meeting. I am cheerfully greeted at the door by a friendly face welcoming me in, and there are many more friendly faces warmly including me. Is this why I come? The meeting commences, I relax and listen to a range of topics, some are informative, some are touching and inspiring and some are funny, but all have value and I learn more about my toastmaster friends as they generously share their experiences and ideas.

My assignment this week is that of toastmaster, have I prepared enough? I have that insecurity of one who needed to spend more time getting organized. It is time to present the speakers, they come to the front, my nerves abate, and it is not about me! I see friends who are going to entertain us, the audience, tonight. Christine speaks first, I am intrigued by the information and presentation, I want to hear more but her time is finished. Pam, a new and lively speaker has me admiring her youth and “bounce” with a speech that has an inspiring message.

Peter has me laughing with his innate sense of humor, I love a good laugh!! Sam inspires us, sharing his experiences in supporting youth and in turn being supported himself. Then Elizabeth draws us into her story of the value of kindness.

By the end of the meeting I am on a high, it is a great night, I have laughed, cried and been entertained, I am included and I will be back next time, I belong. That is why I keep coming back.



Cheryl is retired and has been a member of Parramatta Toastmasters Club for 9 years. Since retiring Cheryl has become a Marriage Celebrant using the skills gained through Toastmasters to perform meaningful ceremonies. Her hobbies include, painting, reading and spending time with grandchildren.


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One Response to Why do I keep coming back to Toastmasters?

  1. michaelsaid says:

    Cheryl,You have spoken on behalf of us all. This is also the reason I come back to Toastmasters, although I could not have worded this as eloquently as you have done. Every meeting finishes on a high. And the round of drinks after the meeting is a way to bring us back to a level of calm.The club is so much more enriched for having you be a part of it, Cheryl.


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