Congratulations to David and Monique

The Area 13 Humorous and Table Topics Contest was held at our club. It was a great afternoon full of seriously impressive speakers. It makes me very proud to inform you all that the winners were both from our club!

Monique Tonna took the trophy for the Humorous Contest and David Griffiths for the Table Topics Contest. 

David was on fire as usual in the Table Topics Contest. By the time he had summed up his answer, it was clear by the audience’s reaction that we had a winner. Monique had us all cracking up when she let us know that it’s never a girl’s fault because we’re perfect. It was hands down the best speech we’ve seen her deliver. It was funny, polished, charming and cheeky. She really connected with the audience and was in shock when she won! It was particularly impressive because Monique has only been a Toastmaster for 12 months. 

I hope this is inspiration to everyone in the club about how much we can achieve when we are dedicated, we practice and have the right support from members like yourselves. If you’re willing to put in the effort, you have a whole club willing to help you get to the top.

Monique and David will be representing Parramatta in the Division Contest in three weeks. I urge you to come along and support your fellow members. I’m sure Monique and David would agree that they would love to see familiar faces in the crowd when they win (no doubt, it’ll happen). 

Kind regards,

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