Michael and Linda’s Wedding

I attended a wedding last Sunday that has had a profound effect on a lot of the 240 guests that attended both the ceremony and also the reception that occurred straight after.

You may ask the question as to what this has to do with Toastmasters. The answer is everything!

The bride and groom, Linda and Michael are Parramatta Toastmaster Club members. The marriage celebrant Cheryl is also a Parramatta Toastmaster Club member.

The service was beautiful and so well planned and choreographed, Linda and Michael moved the audience with their vows to each.

The speeches at the formal part of the reception were amazingly delivered as were the responses.

As I sat watching the event come to a close some six hours later I realized what an effect the Toastmaster program had had on the day, this was the most organized and clearly structured wedding I have ever been to.

The leadership from Cheryl,  Linda and Michael and everyone else involved were skills that we learn in Toastmasters.

The quality of all of the presentations and the structure of the speeches are skills that we learn in Toastmasters.

The calmness of standing before an audience of 240 people and being able to use microphones and play with the audience is another skill that we learn in Toastmasters.

To top it off both Linda and Michael met in Toastmasters…now with the alignment of the stars at the right time these two may have met and still married and I couldn’t credit Toastmasters for that, however , I have watched many Toastmasters develop the skills through the Toastmaster program of Leadership and Communication who develop life skills and move on in the corporate world, the community and family life. Toastmasters and its members can take the credit for developing and mentoring all of its members to a higher level. Toastmasters does make a difference to everyone it touches.

Ian Chick DTM


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2 Responses to Michael and Linda’s Wedding

  1. michaelsaid says:

    Ian, This is a truly inspiring post and you have captured exactly what Linda and I experienced. People say that your wedding is the biggest day of your life, and that being so, it was also our best. The level of preparation down to the minute detail showed. We finished on time and there were no glitches throughout the day. Toastmasters has taught us the benefit of preparation.On the day, I was the first person at the venue (believe that), 9.30am, and there was nothing last minute to do, all was done. I give Linda all the credit for the organising of the event. Running a Toastmaster conference would be a walk in the park for this lady. Normally at a wedding, the speeches are the most boring part of the day. At our wedding, the speeches were the highlight. We all laughed, cried were inspired and in awe of what was said. After Linda’s son Tim spoke, and he is a Toastmaster, I knew something special was happening. Ray continued with the thread, then my best man and brother Peter, a non-Toastmaster taught us all something. I was thinking that Linda and I have a big act to top. Linda spoke, 100% prepared as I would expect and blew the audience away. I was next. When I stood, I just took 2 seconds to feel the atmosphere, and every Toastmaster skill I had learnt in the past 12 years came out on automatic pilot. It was Toastmasters finest hour.And Ian, you are 100% correct, without Toastmasters, this would not have happened. We put the skills we had learnt into a real life situation with an enormous impact. The credit for this goes to the organisation and our friends in Toastmasters. Thank you to all who have backed us to make us who we are today. It was that which shone last Sunday.And thank you Ian for summing this up sp eloquently.Linda and Michael Said


  2. Malkit Banwait says:

    Well put Ian & Michael. As an MC at many weddings, I get to hear lots formal speeches. Sadly, what should be the highlight of any wedding party turns out to be a long stretched anti-climax. As I listen, I say to myself, if only they had attended TMs; how enjoyable their speeches would be.Michael, your wedding reception looks like a TM Meeting on Steroids.I wonder who would have won the Best Speech Award? The Best Man?


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