Chicken or egg first?

For most of us, this question chicken or egg came to the world would have puzzled at least once. This is a question that any one of us can raise our points either way. Even when you ask a kindergarten student i am sure he will have a say on this.

Similarly for us in Toastmasters, we can have long debate for Communication and Leadership. Personally, i view that, for being a great leader, communication is an enabling factor, a waling path to start with.

Anyone could have great leadership ideas, but how effectively he/she display and convey the message will make big differences in expected outcome. The message should be tailored according to audience, in right manner, pace, context, emotions and the body language.

Don’t we all learn that here. YES WE ARE.

If you have a better communication skill along with common sense, you will definitely win in any situation you are faced with.

Personally after joining to toastmasters, my opportunities have opened up in many ways.

Prior to joining toast masters, if i have to chair an important meeting at work, i used to get very tensed for many hours and at times i was not able to concentrate on other tasks till that meeting is over… But after joining to toastmasters, things have changed… I still have to prepare but i am now as natural as i am,,,

Which is a great outcome for me even though, i still have a long way to go in this journey in a better way.

I am sure that each and every one of us will have one or many touching experience/s as how joining to Toastmasters have changed their choices in a better way.

There is a saying ‘Practice makes perfect’. Toast masters meetings are a place that i get opportunity to stand up and say what i feel at that point of time about anything.

It could be an awful answer, but it still gives me the great courage to come back and try better next time. Where else you would have this opportunity…


We all are very fortunate one for this opportunity and we shall continue to grow the younger generation with what we have learned and practice here.

Have a great day! Enjoy the preparation for the festive season!


Selvi Jayaganesh

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2 Responses to Chicken or egg first?

  1. Michael Said says:

    Selvi,You make your point so simply. No matter from what walk of life, Toastmasters will benefit you. And it is a case of the more you put in the more you get out.And if English is not your native tongue, the challenge is to have the confidence that you can do it. So many people I talk to have this erroneous view that, as they were not brought up in an English speaking country, that their English is not good enough. Yet they are communicating quite well.So Selvi, congratulations on taking the brave and challenging step and joining Toastmasters.


  2. Malkit Banwait says:

    Selvi, that was a great post and thanks for sharing your work experience with us. Many other TMs have had similar experience after joining TM. Just make sure you now keep up the pace and progress and try to attend as many meetings as you can; like you said ‘practice makes perfect’!


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