Random thoughts

It was a night dedicated to ‘Australiana’ and the word ‘imperturbable‘.

We started the night by raising our glasses to honour ‘Australian inventors’. Linda Snalam, our president spoke about ‘Kiwi shoe polish’ a great invention by William Ramsay. I’m sure it has touched our life and still continues to do so. I never knew that this product is available in 180 countries. 

Christine Pizzuti introduced the word “imperturbable” and while doing that mentioned that it means

  • incapable of being upset or agitated
  • marked by extreme calm
  • impassivity
  • steadiness
  • serene
  • unruffled
  • cool 
  • composed

Isn’t that as Toastmasters- what we are.  Let me give you couple of examples;

The spirit of the word was evident in Cheryl Piper’s speech and in her efforts to set up another Toastmaster club. It speaks volumes for the hard work and the discipline she is putting in with the help of other members to set up Parramatta Pioneers. It was evident in the way Steven Cox delivered the frivolous motion “that Parramatta Toastmasters Club engages the services of a wardrobe styling and make up consultation for all contest meetings so that all participants have equal opportunity at personal presentation.” This motion was dealt imperturbably by Ian Chick.

But what stood out in the evening was that every essence of the word ‘imperturbable‘ was expressed in abundance by Tom Cummins during his ‘Ice Breaker’ speech. An ice breaker speech is one of the most difficult speeches. It’s a new experience and so there is a possibility of feeling a bit nervous.  But throughout the speech Tom showed great courage and gave one of the best icebreaker speeches I have heard for a very long time. He shared with us his amazing childhood, his university days and his phase of life between 26-30 when he got married, had 4 kids and he mentioned that he is still trying to get his head around that. In fact his ‘fly through account of his life’ was a delight to listen to.  

Imperturbable – that’s what defines us.



Mrinal is an IT contractor specialising in building systems that makes this world a better place. In his spare time (public transport travel), he prefers to go through books covering a wide range of topics from economics to evolution. “The world is flat” by Thomas L. Friedman is one of his favourite books.

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