Not Just Any Woman

If Parramatta Toastmaster is a woman, she has got to be the most stunning one that I have ever met. She is very forgiving, full of knowledge, supportive, nonjudgmental, sociable, and most importantly, she always has my best interest at heart. She does everything she can to help me achieve my goals, specifically in the realm of being a good listener, public speaking, and becoming a competent leader. However, like every friendships, it takes two to tango and I am aware that I would only gain as much as what I have put in to this friendship. 

That is what Toastmaster is for me. She offers me a platform in which I can, in my own time, build up my confidence in public speaking and learning to listen attentively without judgment so as to be able to provide another significant individual with constructive feedbacks. She embraces me for who I am, enhancing what is good about me as a speaker but never short of suggestions to help me. 

She constantly reassures me that I am improving and just when I am beginning to believe her (which is not that difficult given that she is extremely persuasive), she presented me with more challenges just to give my life that extra spice. At times I do wish that she would give me a box of chocolate instead but making me feel complacent is really not in her dictionary for she believes that no one is perfect and that there is always room for improvement.  

All in all, she is a spectacular woman who wants what is best for me and yes, she is the beauty in my eyes.



Pamela is one of our new up and coming stars at Parramatta Toastmasters. She brings a wave of fresh energy and quirkiness every time she speaks. 

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