Speak the movie trailer

Speak is an amazing movie about the Toastmasters International Speech Contest. Some people wonder what the fuss is about learning public speaking. But it’s crucial. Everyone needs to communicate. There is no better way to learn public speaking than through these clubs and the public speaking courses.


This trailer shows people struggling to get their messages across without those skills. We see professionals feeling terrified about talking in front of a group of people. Then they get public speaking training.


Then you see the trained Toastmasters who not only know how to give engaging presentations – they want to win as the best in the world. Everyone can relate to a story of struggling to overcome boundaries. And isn’t it great seeing people get competitive for something they’re good at?


Check out the trailer. It will leave you wanting more. It will leave you wanting to see the entire movie at the Parramatta Toastmasters Club.


This trailer is provided on Youtube by Jason Media.


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