Foot in mouth! Rarity or reality?

In light of the last meetings theme I decided to put this to the test. Initially I was under the impression that the recent months of dancing might have made me limber enough to physically achieve contortion to the extent of literally achieving foot in mouth but alas it was not the case.


Failure at this point could only lead me towards a metaphorical meaning, why did I not think of this in the first place?  It’s general knowledge that people like looking good in front of people and I’m sure that we have all heard that fear of public speaking ranks amongst the highest amongst the human race. I decided to put some of my toastmasters skill to the test andattempt to achieve the seemingly unachievable – “get twenty women’s numbers in two days”.  


To be honest this was not only a toastmaster’s initiative. I had recently partaken in another seminar that was all about being ‘on the court’ and not just a spectator when it comes to life.The course involved active listening as well as integrity and authenticity and surprisingly these were the tools that worked better than cheesy hollow pick up lines.  


The simple conversation starter… “ I’m getting twenty numbers in two days I’m up to number x can I have yours had an amazing hit rate”. I was even opening groups of women and having success. Surprisingly the majority of them were real as well. In the event they said that they would give me a fake one or resist I was also happy to walk away with a smile on my face and thank them anyway.


Too often in life we put people on pedestals and are far too much concern about creating anillusory image of how we want to appear to others. If we spend more time present, engaged and being honest about our intentions and less time concerned about others’ thoughts and opinions, we might find that the things that we consider ‘foot in mouth’ may be unimportant and negligible. The possible outcomes are limitless and the success and opportunities will blow your mind.


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