Parramatta Toastmasters Blog August 2013 Eliminate the Negative – Accentuate the Positive

Cheryl Piper ACS, CL

The theme for our last meeting “Money is…..” promised to lead to some interesting philosophies from our members, with a very interesting set of Table Topics to the theme such as money is the root of all evil, money doesn’t grow on trees. I was expecting to hear money can’t buy happiness, it is better to give than receive etc we did however see a random act of kindness when Michael Said, kindly gave away money during his Table Topic, however there was a twist as he randomly selected Mrs Said. Demian demonstrated that he also could part with his money even if it was in Rupees.

But No – the messages during the speaking program didn’t relate to money. However, they were positive, inspiring and entertaining which is a common theme in Parramatta Toastmasters meetings. That is a part of the secret of the success of this club.

We were thoroughly entertained by two of our newer members Julie Jurczyluk and Tom Cummins.
Ron Marriott gave an icebreaker speech (not his first) with a great message “It didn’t matter where I started from only where I went.” Ron has shown great perseverance in his journey through toastmasters and has travelled a long way. How true is his observation?
Great students and academics can fall by the wayside if they don’t put their theory into practice and put themselves forward to keep learning and striving for success. Others who have limited education can continue learning and growing to become successful at whatever they choose to do. Some notable entrepreneurs who didn’t attend university are Richard Branson and our own Dick Smith. The great thing about our society is that we all can succeed if we work hard enough and focus on the positive.
Kirisha’s message to appreciate yourself was entertaining and delivered in her own inimitable style. She gave us all a gift, the opportunity to tell a fellow member what we like about them. We all left the meeting with a positive personal message, how cool is that?
Malkit’s ‘ message was also a strong one, reminding us to focus on the positive. Something that we can’t help doing if we keep joining in and absorbing the positive energy that emanates throughout our meetings.

This sounds so easy, but as we all know, it does take a lot of reinforcement.

The Parramatta Toastmasters experience continues to accentuate the positive eliminating the negative!!!

Cheryl Piper ACS, CL

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