Where do I Start! By Shirley Sequeira

Where do I Start!

Our last Toastmasters meeting followed a theme entitled “Focus on the Positive.” This theme made the famous idiom come to my mind, “Do you see the glass half full? Or do you see the glass half empty? Full being a positive view, empty being a negative view of a situation or life in general.

Blogging, Tweeting and Face-booking takes up a lot of time! But is that “Focussing on the Positive.” There are some irreplaceable benefits to social networking.

Sitting down to start my first attempt at blog writing, my head starts spinning with ideas of ways to approach this task, create an idea of what I want to say and then to write it effectively. I think of how diverse the possible audience of readers could be in the blogging world and find it rather daunting.

Born in England I am at ease with the English language yet struggle in the discipline of the structuring process of a story. Hence this is why I am still sitting at the computer at midnight struggling with this blog.

I think I would have some company if I was to put my hand up in a crowded room if the question was posed “on some occasions do you tend to look to the negative of life”.

I could very easily look at the negative to the slow, sometimes arduous, task of learning. However, I have happily discovered that it is possible to develop the skills I need. This is through the learning processes experienced in the Toastmasters environment, through the mentoring and guidance of the more experienced members.

At our last meeting, our club President Alicia assured us all that regardless of the circumstances before us there is more often than not a “silver lining” or a positive perspective to be found. So all is not lost. Life offers a “silver lining” when you are a member of a club like Parramatta Toastmasters.

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