Club Twit (social media writer) Blog Post by Ian Chick

Several amazing Toastmaster events have occurred in the last two weeks that left an indelible mark on those members who attended. To those Toastmasters who didn’t attend, you missed two experiences that may not happen again.

I attended the 2009 World Champion of Public Speaking Mark Hunter’s workshop held on the 5th October at Bankstown and it was brilliant, all the answers to developing and writing contest winning speeches. Mark put common sense into producing memorable speeches that would move an audience. Mark’s ability to create, hone and deliver the best speech in the world in 2009 captivated the audience of 2000 Toastmasters. He wove the same magic during his workshop at Bankstown, the audience of 120 Toastmasters held onto every though and word Mark delivered. If you weren’t there you missed an opportunity…

The second event also happened outside of the Toastmaster Club meeting and that was the Western Division Humorous and Table Topic Contest which was held on 13th October where both Monique and Michael represented Parramatta Toastmasters Club and both did us proud. Ron represented another Club however he should be recognized for competing as a member of this club. The standard in both contests was simply amazing and the quality of contestants was very strong. There was an opportunity for every Parramatta Toastmaster member to learn. If you weren’t there you missed an opportunity…

The message – once upon a time Toastmasters in this club attended these events in large numbers and supported our own contestants. The winner of the Humorous Contest came from a club with less than half our membership and still had eighteen club supporters…we had five not counting officials and we have more than twice the membership.

Are you achieving everything you can as a Parramatta Toastmaster without attending these types of events?

As a Parramatta Toastmasters Club member are you satisfied that your personal Team support is sufficient?

When did you last go outside of this Club and attend either another club or a District event?
The Parramatta Toastmasters Club used to be one of the top clubs in the Toastmaster world…what are you doing to maintain this standard, maybe it’s time to review your affirmation when you became a member… this is your club

‘A man who misses his opportunity, and monkey who misses his branch, cannot be saved’. HINDU PROVERB

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