QUESTIONS? by Sam Ekinci.

Clarity, focus, diversity and challenge are the words that come to mind when I think about what draws people to a thriving successful business?” or in our case a progressive toastmasters club. What is the driving force that allows each person to step out of their comfort zones and take ownership, accountability and challenge themselves. What “value” are they looking for?. Is the environment one that is nurturing? and how will this benefit the individual. Is there a systemic process for leadership development and a proven educational program able to be measured with clear and defined outcomes. Is there a strong executive and is individual and group performance measured at all levels. What is the distinction?. Regardless of the environment you are immersed in, Corporate or community, what is clear is that the individual and organisational growth is driven by the level of commitment and contribution of its assets and in this case, our membership. It is not surprising to see expedient growth when members are immersed in consistent and spaced repetition of tasks and performances working to a universal program of leadership and communications excellence. It is no accident that we see so many club members develop quickly by taking on additional responsibilities such as club executive roles, speech craft or be involved in club contests or in committees within the club. I often sit back at our meetings, in Orr of the quality of preparedness, confidence and delivery from members, especially from our newer members. My congratulations and utmost respect goes out to members who continue to support the growth of Parramatta Toastmasters brand and their individual pursuits for ongoing growth and contribution. The quality of standard and delivery continues to build on Parramatta Toastmasters culture of excellence.

Good questions keep us focused on things that matter.

Better questions allow us to review, reflect and realign our priorities and our goals, creating a powerful foundation to build your vision..

Extraordinary questions make extraordinary lives.

It’s now up to you to define the distinctions and ask yourself the questions that could set new life and delivery standards.

From a very proud member!

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