‘The Perfect Job’ by Robyn Peck DTM

If you really put deep thought into this question it will help you delve deeper into who you are.

It is my opinion that there is no such thing as “the perfect job”.  With that said we can ALL get really close to perfection in the workplace by keeping a positive, open mind and continue to better ourselves to find out what works best with our individual personalities.

At our last Toastmaster meeting at Parramatta, David Griffiths our Table Topic Master challenged us to find a replacement for some of the worst jobs imaginable.  The incredible happened we all found positive aspects of those positions.

My point would be rather than look for the perfect job, look for the job that you are perfect for.

Let’s look at the position of a Firefighter, the courageous men and women who are currently battling the raging fires in attempt to save life & property.  It’s their job no matter how tough it gets.

Watching them on television battle the walls of flame, tired & exhausted, it possibly doesn’t really look like the perfect job to most of us.  The key personality traits of a firefighter are:

Integrity, Physical Fitness, Communication skills, Flexibility & Adaptability, Dedication, Team Player, Mechanical Aptitude, Public Image, Tolerance & Self Sacrifice, Intelligence & Common Sense.

Most importantly before these men & women apply for a job as a firefighter they must ask themselves this, “Am I willing to make the ultimate sacrifice and put my life on the line for some one I have never met or may not even like?”  Would I have climbed the World Trade Centre steps to get people out, knowing that I may not get out?  Standing in front of a wall of fire in the Blue Mountains in October 2013 with my life on the line would I still love my job?

So regardless of how much you wanted to be a fireman at the age of 5, despite your career counselor, at the age of 17, advising you that accountancy is your destiny.   It is my opinion that your perfect job lies within your personality and you must discover and accept who your are, continue to develop the natural skills you have, search for the job that you are perfect for and always focus on the positives. 

Robyn Peck DTM    

Parramatta Toastmaster Club 2274


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One Response to ‘The Perfect Job’ by Robyn Peck DTM

  1. parratm says:

    A Great Blog Robyn, It would make a good Inspirational speech at a club meeting.


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