Heroes – Sent by Ian Lipski

The meeting theme Heroes was evident throughout the meeting. The presenters spoke about speakers had all types of Heroes including family role models, famous public figures and people who are important to them.

The Google definition of a Hero is “a person, typically a man, who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.”

Ignoring the Google definition’s statement that a Hero is typically a man opens up the field of potential heroes to be men, women, heroes from mythology, comic book characters and the list goes on.

For my own Hero I have no further to look than my own mother. Arriving in Australia in 1960 from Poland to start a new life in Australia with a family of four – Dad, Mum and my younger brother. My Mum eventually had here hands very full with the arrival of a third brother followed later by a set of twin boys.
My Mum is my hero because she has been there through the highs and the lows to provide support when necessary and to have the difficult conversations when required. I admire her courage, her tenacity, her love for life and for her values.
Today at 80+ years of age my Mum lives a full life looking after her home, doing the gardening and looking after her pet dog. She also attends classes at the University of the 3rd Age (U3A) with her senior citizen friends to learn Italian, play Mahjong, do Tai-Chi and computer class (although she’s given up the computer class because it’s too boring – she is already adept at using the computer). In addition to cooking, knitting, reading and entertaining she doesn’t have much time for much else.
Mum is supposed to be retired (at least from work but not from living life), it’s often the case that one has to make a booking to get onto the calendar to visit her.

There are many extraordinary individuals in this world that we can consider to be a Hero.

My Mum is one of them.


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One Response to Heroes – Sent by Ian Lipski

  1. parratm says:

    Ian, this story teaches us a lot about life-long learning. And it’s always great to learn more about our fellow members.


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