Have Your Say

The Parramatta Toastmasters Club has became very technological in the past few years. We introduced a compulsory blog writing role. One member writes an article or blog post after each meeting. The club has gone a long way since the days of posting agendas via snail mail.

Communication in the world is now a two-way conversation. Publishers no longer push their views onto us. We tell publishers what we think, and we create our own content. The major popular blogs will publish an article if you send it to them. More commonly, their readers talk to each other, discussing the issue, in the comments section. You can even comment on a comment. There are many ways to join the conversation in the online world. These are just some options on blogs.

The Executive Committee have agreed it is time to give members more opportunities to communicate online. Toastmasters is where leaders are made, not just where speakers are made. You have such valuable opinions and experiences. Maybe you would like to share an article or video that you saw online. Perhaps you want us to know about an engaging speaker. We want to read what anyone from the club has to say.

Any member of the club is now welcome to email any blog articles to me at eso1@parramattatm.org.au. The Social Media Officer will still moderate our blog because there is a bit of publishing and formatting to do. A compulsory blog writer will still be allocated, to then be evaluated at the following meeting. This will keep the ball rolling. The big change is that we will have a lot more going on at our blog.

My vision for this site is a dynamic democratic forum for all. You can send a link to a Youtube video, and I will embed the video to be watched within the page. I am happy to include your photos in any format. I will even edit the photos if you desire. Feel free to get creative.

Melanie Wilson

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