You’ll Never Walk Alone by Michelle Hunt CC

Everybody wants to be supported. At home, work, school or any club they join. Your local Toastmaster Club’s goal is to support its members during their personal journey. Everything done in Toastmasters is based on improving yourself and the only person you complete with is you. You’ll never walk alone, with Toastmasters always encouraging you to achieve your personal best and push yourself past your comfort zone—because this is where the growth is.

The Toastmaster motto is “Where leaders are made,” although not everyone who joins Toastmasters wants to be a leader. Most want to improve their self-confidence especially in the area of public speaking. But how do we do this? When you join a club, you are assigned a formal mentor who works with you. You set the pace and your mentor and club will support you.

There are Toastmaster clubs for everyone and every purpose, with many new clubs starting each year supported by established clubs. Choice of club types is varied. There are small clubs, large clubs, corporate clubs, formal clubs – full of experienced toastmasters, advanced clubs and clubs specialising in presenting skills for business or professional speakers—just to name a few. Many people join several Toastmasters clubs as they find each club meets different needs.

The common interests of people who become Toastmasters makes socialising easy, with most clubs and districts holding regular events that all Toastmasters are welcome to attend. Many marriages have begun after the couple first met at a Toastmasters meeting, once again ensuring you’ll never walk alone. Many people also have built a strong social network based on their Toastmaster family.

Remember, like the theme of our last meeting, in Toastmasters “you’ll never walk alone.” If you are already a member, ask for any specific help you require or become more involved in your club and get to know other members. If you are looking at this blog to learn more about Toastmasters, I would encourage you to visit your local Toastmaster Club. Visiting is free and allows you to enjoy our Toastmaster hospitality and see which club you feel most comfortable in, before you take the next step on your personal growth journey—as Toastmasters, we are waiting, hoping to walk with and support you in the future.



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