A Surprise Meeting! – blog post by Peter Steinhour

In keeping with our theme for the meeting “That was a Surprise” the Parramatta Toastmasters Club “Anniversary” snuck up on us and we were 48 yrs old!

Imagine a club founded last century – men only (how good were the good old days?) and still going stronger than ever with a membership of over 60 people! (Apparently there are some women that have snuck in). Back then we probably had black and white television and baker lite telephones to call members and confirm attendances and speaking assignments. How good were those days?

Well we were to find out!

But first – we started with a surprise “welcome” to some of our guests, then the microphones supplied our next surprise – and Gary Wilson eventually “fell over” then ditched them to give us a comprehensive overview of the club and some of it’s history. This was later elaborated on by Demian who gave us a huge volume of detail and statistics as only Demian can do. Both these presentations gave us a wonderful surprise insite into our history. A history that can only be described as colourful and interesting and some what political!

Personally as your VPE it was fabulous to see every one take to their various roles and make this a night to remember!

The hard work behind the scenes that was done – notably by Mr Michael Said – to actually convince some of our most important past members to attend the meeting and allow them to encourage our (newer) members to higher goals / aspirations. I would personally like to thank Michael for his hard work and dedication in achieving such a great attendance from these past greats!

When someone asks about joining the Parramatta Club, does Speech Craft and then becomes a member it is great to have a meeting such as this to understand the greatness of this club!

The interesting thing in all of this is that we are all making history – each speech, each assignment, each award goes toward the history of the club and of course each and everyone of our personal histories.

Can you imagine in another 48 yrs when they are talking in hushed tones about the “emerging greats” that are the Club membership of 2014? ………

Happy  Birthday Parramatta Toastmasters Club 2274!


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