Blog Post by Joan Abela

Hi fellow Toastmasters and friends.

Our meeting this week was interesting to say the least, but nonetheless exciting and interesting

Because there were a number of apologies, we saw the members who attended, doubling up on roles.

We also had visitors from other clubs filling in as evaluators for table topics.

All a bit of a strain but interesting, exciting and keeping to time

Talking of visitors. The number of visitors we get at Parramatta club never ceases to amaze me. We had 18 guests at our last meeting. The feeling in the room was very positive.

Tommy Woods gave us a laugh with the frivolous motion

Double clapping is hurting the poor mans hands (this from a pro boxer) hmmm.

Although the motion was rightfully defeated it does raise the question

“Do we as Toastmasters clap too much”

Personally I clap as an encouragement to the speaker prior to the presentation, and as a general well done at the end. I would be interested to hear others opinions on the subject of overly clapping.

I also think that if we keep our acknowledgement brief and sincere, the speaker will better receive the applause.

It was a terrific meeting. The presenters were prepared and eager to fulfill their roles thus the program ran smoothly.

Our greatest learning will come from preparing and presenting with enthusiasm all the roles that are assigned to us.

Turning nervousness into positive energy will only come from building confidence.

We build confidence with experience; hiding away will not help we must continue to put ourselves forward to speak in public at every opportunity

More than four million people will confirm that the Toastmasters program works, but I believe that it only works when we prepare carefully, actively participate, and speak as often as possible.

Don’t be shy put your hand up and give it a go. Apply yourself, and you will experience the benefits you want in all aspects of your life.

By the time you read this the area 13 contests will have been completed. So I say congratulations to the winners and good luck in the Western Division contests coming up in the near future.

Two sayings I like. (Both by unknown authors) that you might like to think about

  1. Instead of giving reasons why I can’t , I give myself reasons why I can.
  2. In order to succeed we must first believe that we can.

Have fabulous days Joan Abela


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