Parramatta’s 50th – View from a member

Parramatta Toastmasters was created in 1966. Imagine the thrill of those that had the idea to start a toastmasters club…that after 18, 250 days the club that they founded is still flourishing and making a difference to so many lives. I’m not sure that I’m qualified to determine exactly how many meetings that is; however, the 1000th meeting was conducted in Oct 2004.

In this day and age of advanced technology, where things can be obsolete after a short time frame, Parramatta Toastmasters has stood the test of time. Having had the honour of playing bagpipes to lead the procession of previous past presidents, it was amazing to see the calibre of people that have taken the reigns and steered the club to bigger and better things during their tenure. It’s hardly surprising then that the club continues to be in great shape.

It might be said that anything over fifty can be considered vintage. Vintage is endearing. Things that are fifty are worn and soft, and still quite useful. Judging by the amount of visitors that grace Parramatta Toastmasters on a regular basis, the term ‘useful’, wouldn’t do justice to the contribution that has been made to the community. It is no mean feat that 2 Parramatta Toastmasters have received an OAM for their services to the community. An OAM isn’t given out for being ‘useful’.

Something that is fifty has stood the test of time and isn’t in need of proving itself to others. It’s respected for its age.

Andrew Iverson

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